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Naked Tan

Naked Tan Ultra Dark Solution - 2 Hour Tan

Naked Tan's Darkest Solution!

Before and after image- naked tan

the darkest possible Mediterranean bronze colour, up to 6 shades darker.

Our Ultra Dark Tan Solution is the best for our clients that want that deep dark bronze suitable for all skin tones.

- Violet based tan

- Fast-drying formula

- Will achieve a tan 6 shades darker

- Wash "n" wear in only 2 hours

All our solutions are made with a combination of the most natural tanning ingredients and contain no nanoparticles, no parabens, no SLS sulphates and no alcohol.

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Cruelty Free

  • Australian Made

  • SLS and Paraben FREE

  • No Nasties

Tips to Ensure Your Tan Lasts!

Before Tanning

  • Exfoliate from top to toe 24hours before your tanning appointment. Follow with moisturiser. The smoother your skin, the better your tan.

  • On the day of your tan, before your spray session, ensure your skin is clean and free from deodorant, moisturiser and perfume.

After Tanning

  • Don’t shower until the tan developing time is up. Ask your therapist if it’s two hours or five.

  • When you do shower, ensure your first shower just rinses the tan off. Don’t use soap or shampoo, which may affect the tan’s outcome. Wait until the next day to use them.

  • Moisturise every day to ensure your tan lasts well into the week, without going dry or patchy.

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