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General LED Skin Rejuvenation

Ready for radiant skin? Our LED treatments with MediLUX utilise 1,500 powerful light emitting diodes ranging from blue to green, yellow, red and near-infrared. Each light wavelength targets specific skin concerns including acne, congestion, redness, pigmentation, uneven tone and texture, ­fine lines, wrinkles and signs of ageing.

There’s no need to hide because of acne anymore. Love the skin you’re in with our LED acne treatments! These unique treatments are designed to decongest the skin and prohibit the production of oil that leads to acne, clearing existing blemishes and minimising future breakouts.

LED age management stimulates collagen and elastin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooth out texture and tone and enhance skin luminosity. Transform your skin from the inside out with LED Age Management today!

Did you know sun damage can be more visibly ageing than fine lines and wrinkles? Our green light LED skin tone correction treatments effectively fade and remove age spots, sun spots and pigmentation to greatly improve overall skin tone, texture and radiance. 

Our LED dermal repair treatments provide deep cellular regeneration and wound healing with near-infrared light. Treatments stimulate blood flow, reduce skin and tissue inflammation and speed up healing to support everything from muscle repair and wound healing through to skin rejuvenation and skin tightening on ageing skin.

Our LED redness reduction treatments calm facial inflammation and redness, rosacea, vascular and red spots with no downtime.


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