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Lumixa- Fluorescent Light Energy (FLE). 

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Fluorescent Light Energy with Lumixa

The next big thing in LED is here! Lumixa is a biophotonic gel that is activated when under a 415nm – 465nm wavelength (blue) LED light.

The activated Lumixa gel converts blue LED light into Fluorescent Light Energy (FLE), much like light refracting when entering a prism.

FLE acts within the different layers of the skin simultaneously, meaning clients can enjoy the benefits of multiple wavelengths of light energy at once on both the epidermal and dermal layers, up to 6mm deep. This process stimulates the skin’s own repair mechanisms to heal at the cellular level.


How does Lumixa work?

The Lumixa gel is applied topically to the skin on the treatment area, then placed under a high-powered 415nm – 465nm wavelength (blue) LED light to activate the gel.

The activated Lumixa gel then converts LED light into Fluorescent Light Energy (FLE), which targets the skin at multiple layers (up to 6mm deep), delivering and amplifying the benefits of multiple wavelengths of LED light therapy treatments:

  • Blue Light – Targets bacteria and has anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Green Light – Targets fibroblasts and induces healing processes.

  • Yellow Light – Reduces redness, swelling and boosts circulation.

  • Red Light – Boosts blood circulation and increases collagen production.



Lumixa Skin Normaliser

Lumixa Skin Normaliser contains a patented fluorophore (molecule that absorbs light at a particular wavelength, then emits it at a different wavelength) that is effective at treating the very first signs of ageing, along with inflammageing. It’s also highly recommended as a calming solution following more invasive procedures like microneedling.

In-vitro studies show a 77% reduction of skin inflammation 24 hours after treatment with Lumixa Skin Normaliser.




Lumixa Skin Normaliser is ideal to:

  • Address the first signs of ageing

  • Combat and decrease inflammation

  • Target dehydrated and dull skin, giving it back its “glow”

  • Helps “de-stress” skin, revitalise and reenergise

  • Provide both preventative and corrective actions

  • Be used as a calming treatment with other services

  • Strengthen a “weakened” skin matrix


Lumixa Collagen Booster

The Lumixa Collagen Booster formulation contains a patented fluorophore (molecule that absorbs light at a particular wavelength, then emits it at a different wavelength) with an energy profile that makes it highly effective against the signs and symptoms of ageing. Treatments are ideal for age correction on people 35 and over.


In-vitro studies show a 7x increase in collagen production 72 hours after treatments with Lumixa Collagen Booster.

Lumixa Collagen Booster is also highly recommended as a “cellular reactivation” treatment in conjunction with more invasive treatments.


Lumixa Collagen Booster is ideal to:

  • Increase collagen production

  • Reactivate the skin matrix

  • Stimulate fibroblasts within the skin

  • Address and correct the signs of ageing such as volume loss, fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improve skin texture and pore size.

  • Improve skin density by providing a plumping effect.


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